I Love You, Too.

You are Rory Gilmore, your one year anniversary with Dean Forester (way better than Jess btw) is coming up. Dean tells you that he is building you your very own car for your anniversary, then – he tells you he loves you. You? You freak out. You say that this is a big step, you don’t know if you’re ready for that, you need time. You don’t say it back. He breaks up with you.

One of the moments most harped upon in a relationship in ‘real life’ or any TV show is this moment, right? The I love you, you idiot – and the I love you, too; Or the lack of. It’s great, right? The drama that ensues when the other doesn’t say it back, the silent sting. It’s probably got to be it’s own sort of scenic trope.

But why? Why is it that this is such a big deal? Why is it that this is in just about every movie and TV show? Why did I google ‘didn’t say I love you back’ and find an entire forum called ‘I said I Love You and He Didn’t Say it Back’?

Some may say we’re impatient (I probably am), we want everything now. But more than that, i’d like to say that it’s such a big deal because an “I Love You” requires a response. You don’t just say I love you and move on, do nothing. You don’t just hear someone tell you they love you and do nothing, because that equals disaster.

And we’ve all been given the most beautiful I love you speech and something much greater than a built-from-scratch anniversary car, but how often do we respond? And not only respond, but how often do we show it?

There is absolutely nothing that we can do to earn the love of God, or our salvation. N-o-t-h-i-n-g. Yet our mere existence through His creation is His constant profession of love to us. The salvation granted to us through His Son is something that we cannot merit. But as I am undeserving, I am grateful.

While grateful is all I can really be in response to this love, it is not all I can do. What comes next after the receiving of the ‘I love you’? In some instances, reaching the ‘I love you’ place is seen as point of no return, or at least an indication of a long term relationship. When you are in this relationship and you’ve reached the ‘I love you’, things change.

Why? Because you can know your partner loves you, but as much as love can be a feeling, it is an action. If they don’t do anything to show you that love, if they never make any time to see you, if they don’t speak to you, you’re going to dump them- hard. Simple as that.

Again, we’ve been given an ‘I love you’ and if we truly believe it, we should be constantly responding to that. How often do we go about life ignoring God’s existence or the ways in which He is present in our lives? How many of us think  “God loves me no matter what I do, so I can do whatever I want?” If Jesus were like any other ‘boyfriend’, we’d have been dumped a long time ago.

And isn’t it wonderful that He isn’t like us. But that He took our form, and came down to call us to be like Him. Not to just think about it, but to do it.

As we explore His I Love You, let’s let our lives be our I love you, too.

“To be is to be loved, how great it is to be.”

– Sister Bethany Madonna

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