On Mary Magdalene


As I read my devotion during holy hour yesterday, I was greatly struck by the great faith of Mary Magdalene. (Can we just take a moment to see how epic all the Mary’s are…take it in). Not only did she have great faith, but she did not hold a thing back from our Lord.

He found her, and picked her up at her lowest and weakest moment and from then on, she continued to give Him everything. How many times has the Lord picked me out of my ruts…and yet, how often do I still hide from Him? Continue reading “On Mary Magdalene”

A desire that did not always reflect my own

As I begin my work towards being a FOCUS missionary, I am wildly excited, and yet, I am terribly afraid. I am afraid of taking a path that I never pictured for my life, a path that has never been in my plans, but slowly and ever so gently snuck it’s way into my heart.

But, it still scares me today. I do not have it all figured out, and I sometimes don’t know how it is going to work out. Continue reading “A desire that did not always reflect my own”