On Mary Magdalene


As I read my devotion during holy hour yesterday, I was greatly struck by the great faith of Mary Magdalene. (Can we just take a moment to see how epic all the Mary’s are…take it in). Not only did she have great faith, but she did not hold a thing back from our Lord.

He found her, and picked her up at her lowest and weakest moment and from then on, she continued to give Him everything. How many times has the Lord picked me out of my ruts…and yet, how often do I still hide from Him?

I admire Mary Magdalene because of her courage to go out into the world after the Lord had invited her, while I may sometimes still be discouraged by those closest to me who can often remind me of the wrong I’ve once done. Mary took Jesus’ invitation, and It was all she needed, because she had Him. And because she had Him, she gave him everything.

That’s what I love the most about her. She was a complete mess at times, but she knew Him intimately, and she allowed Him to know her as well. She was freely intimate with Him as her God, as her teacher, as her closest friend.

If I could clutch Jesus, cry at His feet, be my completely broken self with Him at every moment – while completely allowing Him to make me new, what would my life be? What would my life be if at each moment that I recognized Him, I could shout,


If I could always throw my whole self at Him and embrace Him as my loving God? I could only imagine the way that the Lord took pleasure in Mary Magdalene’s intimacy with Him and the way she laid it all out – the way that she allowed Him to work. She had seen His power, and she made way for Him to continue to use it. She was all there, all the time, with our Lord.

Lord, let me be her. Let me lay all my worries at your feet, and all my love. Be my rabboni. Let me learn from You, as I learn to walk with You at every moment./

As I seek to lay it all down, I seek to have Mary Magdalene’s courage as well. After her encounters with Jesus, she became the first evangelist, seeing Him risen – and then carrying the news. She was the first to go out and she had to make it stick.

I look to Mary Magdalene as I begin my journey towards being one of the first FOCUS missionaries at the University of Oregon next year. With our Lord and my team, I hope to help build something that will continue to glorify His kingdom and build His Church long past my time there. I come with the desire to work the soil, plant seeds, and create roots.

Lord, let us make it sick as we invite UO into a growing relationship with You. Mary Magdalene, pray for us.

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