Hello, World!

My name is Sandy Nallely Barba. I am an LA-Tepa native,  graduate of UC Santa Barbara, turned FOCUS Missionary.

I am a Christian in love with the joy of living. I am never far from a great book, a rosary, and an even better cup of coffee. My first choice when it comes to sleeping somewhere with stars is outside. My heart comes alive when creating, touching our Lord’s beauty through watercoloring, drawing, photographing, crafting, baking, cooking, making odd spotify playlists, and playing the ukulele quite terribly. I have the palette of a five year old, Mac N Cheese is by far my favorite food and I can reconcile it with my impending need to “adult” by making you a Mac N Cheese soufflé.

Had you asked me three years ago,  never would I have told you that I’d be a missionary living in Eugene, Oregon. Despite my inability to predict my future, the current uncertainty of my life has become the greatest adventure, and the perfect place for this control-freak to learn to walk in the unforced rhythms of grace.

I am by no means a writer, but every so often, I enjoy pouring my jumbled thoughts out into a post – enjoy my ramblings.