The Infinity War

I just got done watching Infinity war. Let’s just start with woof. I can’t say I know much about any of this stuff, but I can most definitely enjoy it, sit through the credits for the preview, or be absurdly angry at the ending.

What anyone can do, however, is listen to conversations as people squeeze into the tiny hallways to exit the theatre. And this is where the 2am night began – when the human behind me said something that kept my wheels turning full gear after this movie.

So here I am, trying to express what just went on in my mind throughout the entire movie while remaining angry about the end of this movie (they might not always be as dynamic, but ya girl usually likes the happy endings). – There are totally spoilers in here so if you’re going to revolt if you read any, I’d hold off.

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On My Own Will

When I was a child, my parents and my uncle taught me to do just about everything on my own. If I wanted McDonalds, they gave me an assortment of bills and coins, then sent me off to the register. I had to count out the correct amount of change to hand the cashier, and when I made a mistake, I was told to pay better attention.

If I wanted to buy a toy, I was told to figure out how much the cost of the toy would be with taxes, then to save my money. I was taught to clean, make a few simple meals that I liked, etc. And soon, as I continued to learn and grow, came:

“I do what I want.”

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