I Love You, Too.

You are Rory Gilmore, your one year anniversary with Dean Forester (way better than Jess btw) is coming up. Dean tells you that he is building you your very own car for your anniversary, then – he tells you he loves you. You? You freak out. You say that this is a big step, you don’t know if you’re ready for that, you need time. You don’t say it back. He breaks up with you.

One of the moments most harped upon in a relationship in ‘real life’ or any TV show is this moment, right? The I love you, you idiot – and the I love you, too; Or the lack of. It’s great, right? The drama that ensues when the other doesn’t say it back, the silent sting. It’s probably got to be it’s own sort of scenic trope.

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